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25 Worst Cities to Be Young

The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to find where unemployment and debt are highest for young adults. #14 Portland, Oregon Current unemployment, age 20-24: 12.7% Change in: Population, age 18-24: 4.8% Indebtedness: -8.3% Unemployment, age 20-24: 69% Population with associate’s degree or some college, age 18-24: 28% Population with bachelor’s degree, age 18-24: -24% Males


Next-Century Suburban Design

Next-Century Suburban Design July 1, 2012 Mike Lowry We have a congestion problem because our transportation planning has been dysfunctional for years. We have planned (and spent) as if Atlanta is still the hub-and-spoke city that it was in the 1960’s. We have ignored the suburban growth pattern and failed to create a grid of


8 Cities with surprising job growth

More good new on Atlanta jobs – without T-SPLOST. Kiplinger: 8 Cities with surprising job growth Metro area population: 5.4 million Current unemployment rate: 8.5% Job growth next five years: 8% Number of new jobs: 180,000 It won’t expand as fast as the others on our list, but Atlanta’s size and diversity will make it


Prominent Gwinnett Columnist Opposes TSPLOST

SPEAK OUT: Prominent Gwinnett Columnist Opposes TSPLOST Brack denounces the proposed 1 percent sales tax in his latest newsletter. June 22, 2012 “The TSPLOST vote that will go before voters in Gwinnett and other areas on July 31 has gained a powerful opponent: Gwinnett columnist and publisher Elliott Brack.”   Read the article: Click Here


TSPLOST Tax fight heats up

Mike Lowry from Transportation Leadership Coalition and Eldrin Bell, Clayton County Commissions square off in Clayton County.  Coverage provided by WSBTV http://www.wsbtv.com/videos/news/tsplost-tax-fight-heats-up/vcSzp/


Congress Wrecked America’s Road System

Congress Wrecked America’s Road System Newmax Wednesday, 20 Jun 2012 By Ernest Istook Why are our roads so congested? It’s because of a wreck. By spending fuel tax money on things other than roads, Washington has wrecked the way we pay for highways. With dedicated revenue now drained away, roads are clogged due to wasteful


AJC: The public has no idea where $1B of local TSPLOST money will be spent

Public ‘in the dark’ on T-SPLOST $1B Share of transportation funds for localities does not require project list By Ariel Hart and Paige Cornwell The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “The battle over how the region would spend $6.14 billion to fix metro Atlanta’s transportation quagmire is in full roar. “Little noticed in the din: $1.08 billion in


Grievances Dominate TSPLOST Town Hall in Brookhaven

WABE News Sunday, June 17, 2012 By: Jonathan Shapiro “At the town hall, Mike Lowry of Roswell said the project list was skewed towards MARTA and public transit at the expense of much needed road-funding. “People come here and give up promotions in order to stay here and they don’t do that because of MARTA



Atlanta Tea Party Leaders Debbie Dooley and Julianne Thompson blast the pro-T-SPLOST campaign as being deceptive to metro-Atlanta voters. Thompson stated, “Citizens for Transportation Mobility, the high dollar public relations arm of the pro-T-SPLOST political campaign has shown in their recent attacks that they are worried and desperate.” Dooley stated, “Although we support a consumption-based

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