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Next-Century Suburban Design

Next-Century Suburban Design

July 1, 2012

Mike Lowry

We have a congestion problem because our transportation planning has been dysfunctional for years. We have planned (and spent) as if Atlanta is still the hub-and-spoke city that it was in the 1960’s. We have ignored the suburban growth pattern and failed to create a grid of arteries.

In his excellent study on this subject (“Getting Georgia Going”) Baruch Feigenbaum notes:

“The arterial network that should serve as the backbone for transportation is underdeveloped. Atlanta has quite possibly the worst arterial network of any of the 10 largest metro areas in the country. A great deal of attention is focused on the shortcomings of the region’s transit network, but the region’s highway network is not much better. Creating a grid network would improve Atlanta’s traffic flow.”

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