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8 Cities with surprising job growth

More good new on Atlanta jobs – without T-SPLOST. Kiplinger: 8 Cities with surprising job growth Metro area population: 5.4 million Current unemployment rate: 8.5% Job growth next five years: 8% Number of new jobs: 180,000 It won’t expand as fast as the others on our list, but Atlanta’s size and diversity will make it


Wait a minute. Aren’t we being told we have to pass a tax to add jobs? Hmmmm, that doesn’t seem to be the truth.

The Citizens for Transportation Mobility, Connect Georgia, and Chambers of Commerce across the state are telling us that passing the tax will add 200,000 new jobs.  Seems like rational organizations are going to create jobs without the tax. Study: Georgia to add most health-care jobs in nation Georgia and Utah will add more health-care jobs

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