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8 Cities with surprising job growth

More good new on Atlanta jobs – without T-SPLOST.

Kiplinger: 8 Cities with surprising job growth

Metro area population:

5.4 million

Current unemployment rate: 8.5%

Job growth next five years: 8%

Number of new jobs: 180,000

It won’t expand as fast as the others on our list, but Atlanta’s size and diversity will make it a good place to relocate and look for work. One key to Atlanta’s bright future is the nexus between transportation and online retailing. UPS and AT&T Mobility, with its 100 million wireless customers, are both based there, and they will be key players in America’s consumer-spending shift from bricks to clicks.

Home Depot, UPS, Coca-Cola, and Delta Airlines are among Fortune 500 giants based in Atlanta. Delta Airlines and AirTran are likely to shrink their workforces, as is struggling retailer Home Depot. But regional energy giant Southern Co. and Newell Rubbermaid, maker of many things for the kitchen and garage, see expansions.

Source: http://m.kiplinger.com/article.php?url=%2Fslideshow%2Fletters-cities-surprising-job-growth%2F1.html&type=slideshow

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