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Video: Mike Alexander, ARC, Tells the Truth about T-SPLOST Taxes Going to MARTA Operations and Maintenance

HB277 Transportation Investment Act states, starting on line 419, that MARTA “shall not be authorized to use any proceeds from the special district transportation sales and use tax for expenses of maintenance and operation of such portions of the transportation system of such authority in existence on January1, 2011.” Starting at minute 15:14, “Growing unfunded


Georgia’s obsession: Pouring concrete and asphalt

Based on the headline, you might think this is a pro-T-SPLOST piece.  The content will surprise you. Lee Ballard. a Macon resident, blows the whistle on the lies being spread by Chambers of Commerce across the state to sell you on T-SPLOST. “It’s true, Georgia’s 40th (not 49th) place per capita spending, at $607, is


Debunking the myth that traffic congestion and economic vitality can’t coexist.

Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion Eric Dumbaugh Jun 01, 2012 With a few notable exceptions, transportation planning practice in the United States is focused on managing or eliminating traffic congestion. Regardless of whether planners are advocating for highway infrastructure to improve level-of-service, or transit projects intended to “get cars off the road,” the underlying


$6.14 billion plan’s fatal flaws

Representative Ed Setzler – who voted in favor of TIA (HB277) in 2010 – AJC, January 23, 2012 “Passed by the Legislature to relieve traffic congestion in metro Atlanta, the heavily Atlanta Regional Commission-influenced project list allocates more than 50 percent of the region’s $6.14 billion to fund transit projects that by objective accounts will

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