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Glynn County’s Jeff Kilgore on T-SPLOST

The very simple fact that the Georgia Department of Transportation with $2.5B in revenue from various sources… that money will now be freed up. If T-SPLOST passes in all 12 regions, all of the regions will be funding their projects internally within each separate region. Therefore, the $2.5B that used to go to GDOT to


Is the fix in for T-SPLOST?

OVER THE YEARS Chatham County voters have developed a reputation for apathy in keeping with our general laid-back attitude. But there’s one thing we’re not apathetic about at all: For some reason voters here will happily crawl over broken glass to vote new taxes on themselves. I’ve never seen anything like it. Must be something


Opponents outline issues with TSPLOST

Sarah Fay Campbell of the Times-Herald, reports on the flaws of T-SPLOST across the state. They say there’s the question of its constitutionality and its appropriateness. It’s effect on other transportation funding sources. The pre-existing problems with the Georgia Department of Transportation. There’s also the constitutionality of the state treating different regions differently in terms


County plans sessions on tax

From The Brunswick News, June 2, 2012 The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce is for it, but the Glynn County Republican Party is not. Now, the Glynn County Commission wants to make sure residents get the complete lowdown on the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for transportation before voting to accept or reject it

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