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Fact Sheet


Presentations and Data Files

Mike Lowry Debate Panel Slides

Region 3 – Atlanta Regional Commission Project List in XLS

Region 1 Project List Presentation

Regionalism – Threat to the Republic – ARC

Radio/Audio Tracks

These tracks can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, email or used as public service announcements on a local radio station.  Local groups might want to purchase airtime if you can’t get it run as a PSA.  Download, share and play them far and wide.

Referendum Day – Bluegrass – Full Version – 2 min
Referendum Day – Blugrass – first half – 1 min
Referendum Day – Blugrass – second half – 1 min
Referendum Day – Smooth Country – both verses – 2 min
Referendum Day – Smooth Country – first half – 1 min
Referendum Day – Country – second half – 1 min

Yard Signs +

Another way that you can help is to get the word out. We’ve created yard signs, bumper stickers, and push cards. We’ll ship these to you for the suggested donations.  Just visit the Yards + page to see the designs and use the convenient PayPal links to order.

Handbills and Push Cards

Download and print out these handbills and pushcards to distribute the message and direct people to TrafficTruth.net for more information, sign up for our mailing list and volunteer efforts, and to donate to the cause.  These are PDF files with 4 and 5 handbills per sheet in color and black and white. Print these yourself or take them to your local print shop and then cutup.

Region 3 (ARC) Message Push Card – 4up – 2 sided – print ready
Regions 1,2,4-12 (Outside ARC) Message Push Card – 4up – 2 sided – print ready


Social Media Guides

Traffic Truth Facebook Guide
TrafficTruth Twittivism Guide

Signs & Banners (print out and paste in window)

Windshield Sign (8.5″x11″)
Bumper Stickers – Region 3 – ARC (3″x10″)
Bumper Sticker (3″x10″)

Business Sponsorship Flyer

Business Sponsorship Flyer

Ballot Language and Transportation Investment Act Legislation

‘(   ) YES(   ) NO Shall   _______ County’s transportation system and the transportation network in this   region and the state be improved by providing for a 1 percent special district transportation sales and use tax for the purpose of transportation projects and programs for a period of ten years?’

Final Transportation Investment Act Bill HB277 106194

Regional Project Lists

Region 1 – Northwest Georgia
Region 2 – Georgia Mountains
Region 3 – Atlanta Regional Commission
Region 4 – Three Rivers
Region 5 – Northeast Georgia
Region 6 – Middle Georgia
Region 7 – Central Savannah River Area
Region 8 – River Valley
Region 9 – Heart of Georgia Altamaha
Region 10 – Southwest Georgia
Region 11 – Southern Georgia
Region 12 – Coastal Region Commission

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