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ARC Bylaws to be Changed: Make Your Voice Heard

What:      Atlanta Regional Commission is updating their governing bylaws

When:     Wednesday, August 27, 2014 , 1:00 PM

Where:    Loudermilk Center,  40 Courtland Street, NE, Level C , Atlanta, GA


  • Bylaws don’t provide term limits for appointed members. Some citizen members have served for 15 years.
  • Past and current ARC Chairmen are appointed chairmen of Community Improvement Districts.  The Georgia Constitution and Georgia Law prove that CID’s are political subdivisions.  The ARC has violated its own bylaws since citizen “members at large may hold no elective or appointed public office nor be employed by any political subdivision of the area”.
  • New Governance Committee creates an excessive centralization of power into the chairman role with no established term limits.  Chairman may appoint members outside of the current duly elected county commissioners and mayors.  Removes accountability to the public.
  • ARC directs federal money toward transportation projects within CID’s.  When the chairman of the ARC can be the chairman of a CID and also be employed by a firm that has major real estate investments in the CID, this creates a potential for inside deals to favored business interests and and inhibits free market completion.

Be present to show your support for open, transparent, and accountable government. If you want to speak, you have to ask permission from the ARC Executive Director’s office prior to the meeting.  Call 404-463-3100.  Your silence is consent.


Download a full critique on the proposed bylaws: TLC Critique of Proposed ARC Bylaws – 07312014

Download this announcement as a printable flyer: ARC Bylaws Meeting Flyer

Link to Atlanta Regional Commission to download current and proposed bylaws as well as make on online comment.

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