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T-SPLOST, The Tax that Keeps on Taxing

The following is an analysis of each county in the three region that voted yes and passed T-SPLOST.  This information is provided by Bill Evelyn, Director, State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC Central Savannah – Region 7 Summary: Every county has projects, but the entire region falls $107 million short to complete all those projects.


TSPLOST: A Noble Idea Has Been Hijacked

TSPLOST: A Noble Idea Has Been Hijacked SouthCobbPatch, Kiri Walton, Editor The Council on Public Policy, at its regular meeting this month, determined to recommend a “NO” vote on the regional transportation referendum, a.k.a. “TSPLOST.” This tax will not relieve traffic congestion; it will dry up other transportation funding for years, and it offers nothing


Are CID’s using taxpayer funds to advocate for TSPLOST?

Big Shanty Rd. project opens with a back to the future theme2 By Geoff Folsom MDJ Excerpt: The project’s $1.75 million grant from the State Road and Tollway Authority  to the Town Center CID, which the CID will pay back, raised the ire of Larry  Savage, one of Lee’s three opponents in the July 31


Traffic Congestion, Time, Money & Productivity

Traffic Congestion, Time, Money & Productivity By Wendell Cox Transit: Inherently Less Productive and Expensive: One common claim is that transit will provide alternative mobility. However, transit trips tend to be twice as long as car trips and no transit vision has ever been put forward that would replicate the efficiency of the automobile. There


Georgia: America’s Top States for Business 2012

If Georgia’s transportation “problems” are driving business away and preventing growth statewide, then why in the world would CNBC rank Georgia in the top 10 for doing business in America (#9 to be exact)?  Georgia is also ranked #3 in the country for infrastructure and transportation! Read CNBC’s report: Click Here  


Press Release: Legal Inquiry Action Against Secretary of State Brian Kemp

Media Contact: Claire Bartlett, 404-384-3256 Transportation Leadership Coalition Initiates Legal Inquiry Against  Secretary of State Brian Kemp Kemp has no legal authority to add promotional language to Georgia ballot.  July 2, 2012, Roswell, GA – Today, the Transportation Leadership Coalition (TLC) took the first formal step towards litigation challenging Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp


WSB’s Adam Goldfein on T-SPLOST

T-SPLOST: Additional Thoughts May 29, 2012 Adam’s Blog, T-SPLOST. The effectiveness of the T-SPLOST at creating and funding large regional projects needs to be questioned. If multiple counties are coming together to build transportation projects, why don’t we see large projects like a northern arc or comprehensive rail system? The project lists are littered with

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