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Congress Wrecked America’s Road System

Congress Wrecked America’s Road System Newmax Wednesday, 20 Jun 2012 By Ernest Istook Why are our roads so congested? It’s because of a wreck. By spending fuel tax money on things other than roads, Washington has wrecked the way we pay for highways. With dedicated revenue now drained away, roads are clogged due to wasteful


Video: Mike Alexander, ARC, Tells the Truth about T-SPLOST Taxes Going to MARTA Operations and Maintenance

HB277 Transportation Investment Act states, starting on line 419, that MARTA “shall not be authorized to use any proceeds from the special district transportation sales and use tax for expenses of maintenance and operation of such portions of the transportation system of such authority in existence on January1, 2011.” Starting at minute 15:14, “Growing unfunded


Pro-TSPLOST Tax Lobbyist Recants

In Henry forum, lobbyist Lawler said Brown was not wrong “I believe Mr. Lawler has an uphill battle trying to sell the TSPLOST. Most everyone walked away from our debate in Henry County siding with Commissioner Brown. Once you know the facts, the choice to oppose TSPLOST is easy unless you are in transportation building


100% Cost Over-run

Thanks to a Facebook friend we learned the following.  Charlotte ran construction deficits double their Light Rail budget. From the Charlotte Business Journal, Friday Sept 2, 2011 “Charlotte’s first light rail line was plagued by cost overruns that pushed the total price to nearly $463 million – double original estimates when it opened four years


The Real Issue is Travel Times

Wendell Cox, public policy expert, former member of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission who has also worked on transportation projects in the Atlanta area, says transit won’t solve Atlanta’s traffic problems. “Transit accounts for barely 1 percent of metropolitan travel. Yet the roundtable plan would commit more than 30 times that on transit. Nearly


Fact or Fiction: Chamber of Commerce Distributes T-SPLOST Information

Responses in RED and labeled “Truth” have been added by Nolen Cox to correct the fallacies and false claims by the PR campaign of the Georgia Transportation Alliance. Comments by Nolen Cox did not appear in the original Fact or Fiction article in the newspaper. Fact or Fiction: Chamber of Commerce distributes TSPLOST information Author:

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