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Transportation Leadership Coalition Changes Tack, Launches RepealRegionalism.com

Media Contact Field Searcy 678-525-7072 T-SPLOST proponents kick off a new strategy, Transportation Leadership Coalition responds. March, 28, 2013, Roswell, GA – Last night, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and PNC Bank hosted a community forum on Regionalism.  According to the event marketing, the forum was a direct response to the failure of the transportation sales tax


Tea party evolves, achieves state policy victories

ATLANTA — Tea party activists in Georgia helped kill a proposed sales tax increase that would have raised billions of dollars for transportation projects. In Pennsylvania, tea partyers pushed to have taxpayers send public school children to private schools. In Ohio, they drove a referendum to block state health insurance mandates. These and other battles


T-SPLOST, The Tax that Keeps on Taxing

The following is an analysis of each county in the three region that voted yes and passed T-SPLOST.  This information is provided by Bill Evelyn, Director, State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC Central Savannah – Region 7 Summary: Every county has projects, but the entire region falls $107 million short to complete all those projects.


Anti-TSPLOST Regions Face Penalty

Anti-TSPLOST Regions Face Penalty By Parker Wallace – GPB News ATLANTA  — The “T-SPLOST” penny transportation tax vote may have failed throughout most of the state, but some local transportation costs could skyrocket.  There are hidden penalties written into the law. The Georgia legislature passed the Transportation Act in 2010, which authorized Tuesday’s vote on T-SPLOST.


Transportation Leadership Coalition wants state lawmakers to repeal the law which enabled the referendum.

T-SPLOST foes want tax repealed and other transportation news nuggets By Thomas Wheatley – CL Atlanta * The Transportation Leadership Coalition, one of the grassroots groups that called for voters to reject the measure, want state lawmakers to repeal the law which enabled the referendum. The legislation included a penalty clause for counties that rejected


Transportation Leadership Coalition calls for repeal of penalty on regions that voted “No”

T-SPLOST Opponents Call for Repeal of Penalty on Regions that Voted “No” By Jonathan Shapiro – 90.1WABE news radio A group of T-SPLOST opponents is calling for a repeal of a financial penalty aimed at regions that rejected the transportation referendum. For those that voted “no” on the T-SPLOST, it’s about to get a lot


TLC points out threats and coercion of TSPLOST are not gone

Counties face fallout from failed TSPLOST vote By Sandra Parrish WSB Radio One of the groups that came out against the transportation sales tax referendum earlier this week, now complains the counties in the nine regions where it failed will be penalized for their “no” votes. Jack Staver, chairman of the Transportation Leadership Coalition, says


Transportation Leadership Coalition takes aim at funding penalty

T-SPLOST opponents take aim at funding penalty By Dave Williams Staff writer – Atlanta Business Chronicle One of the groups that helped defeat this week’s regional transportation sales tax in Atlanta is calling for repeal of a state penalty aimed at regions that rejected the referendum. Under legislation the General Assembly passed two years ago,


Transportation Leadershp Coalition Press Release: Removal Of Penalty in TIA / TSPLOST

Media Contact Claire Bartlett 404-384-3256 Transportation Leadership Coalition Calls for Removal of Penalty in TIA / T-SPLOST Penalty for voting “no” potentially adds hundreds of millions of dollars of expense to already cash-strapped local governments’ transportation funding. August 3, 2012, Roswell, GA – The voters have spoken and T-SPLOST is defeated.  Unfortunately, the issues within


Statement From Transportation Leadership Coalition 8/1/12

Statement From Transportation Leadership Coalition 8/1/12 This has been a campaign for the text books – a hard-fought engagement on both sides. The tax proponents raised over $8 million; the grassroots raised far less.  The tax proponents focused on their own special interest that would not alleviate traffic or create jobs but disproportionally tax the

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