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Atlanta Tea Party Leaders Debbie Dooley and Julianne Thompson blast the pro-T-SPLOST campaign as being deceptive to metro-Atlanta voters.

Thompson stated, “Citizens for Transportation Mobility, the high dollar public relations arm of the pro-T-SPLOST political campaign has shown in their recent attacks that they are worried and desperate.”

Dooley stated, “Although we support a consumption-based approach, we have made it clear repeatedly that until elected officials earn our trust by showing they are fiscally responsible with the tax dollars they have now, they should not be given more. Elected officials must prove they have made cuts in other areas such as cutting all tax-payer funding to build a new, nearly half a billion dollar stadium for the Atlanta Falcons, and other such government waste. The impulse should be to cut in others areas in order to fund projects that are high priority.”

Read the entire press release: Click Here

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