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Tea party evolves, achieves state policy victories

ATLANTA — Tea party activists in Georgia helped kill a proposed sales tax increase that would have raised billions of dollars for transportation projects. In Pennsylvania, tea partyers pushed to have taxpayers send public school children to private schools. In Ohio, they drove a referendum to block state health insurance mandates. These and other battles


Say ‘No’ to new T-SPLOST tax

Say ‘No’ to new T-SPLOST tax by Mike Buffington Friday, June 22. 2012 “When government officials talk about “investment,” what they really mean is more taxes. “That’s the case with the proposed transportation sales tax vote coming up July 31. Known as “T-SPLOST,” the measure asks voters to approve a new sales tax to fund


15 Reasons to Detest T-SPLOST

15 Reasons to Detest T-SPLOST and Punish its Promoters Tuesday, June 12, 2012 Augusta, GA By Al Gray The Transportation Investment Act of 2010 (also referred to even in the legislation as the ‘Transportation Investment Act’) is being called T-Splost all over Georgia. The legislation establishes a new 1% sales tax supposedly dedicated to regional


Rockdale County: TSPLOST debated at Think Tank meeting

TSPLOST debated at Think Tank meeting Local citizens and political candidates gathered this past Saturday to discuss the upcoming Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax vote during a meeting of the Rockdale County Think Tank. If the opposition voiced during the meeting represents the opinions of a majority of local voters, the one percent tax


Georgia’s ‘Wisconsin’ Moment? “The Georgia Bellwether”

The Georgia Bellwether On July 31st, Georgia voters will decide on a 1% sales tax increase – whether to fund a list of pre-approved transportation projects. This money will be in addition to the over $1B annual G-DOT budget. The politicians and special interests who will benefit from this new tax are using every means


2010 Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan: The other tax seeker

2010 Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan: The other tax seeker   Overlooked in the Transportation Investment Act’s rush to riches is the 2010 Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan (SFLP) concluding, “An investment of $15 billion over the next 20 years is needed across a wide range of freight-related projects to maximize the economic development potential


Debunking the myth that traffic congestion and economic vitality can’t coexist.

Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion Eric Dumbaugh Jun 01, 2012 With a few notable exceptions, transportation planning practice in the United States is focused on managing or eliminating traffic congestion. Regardless of whether planners are advocating for highway infrastructure to improve level-of-service, or transit projects intended to “get cars off the road,” the underlying


County plans sessions on tax

From The Brunswick News, June 2, 2012 The Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce is for it, but the Glynn County Republican Party is not. Now, the Glynn County Commission wants to make sure residents get the complete lowdown on the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax for transportation before voting to accept or reject it

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