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DOT: Federal roads funding likely to see big drop-off

Deputy commissioner shared thoughts at South Hall Business Coalition By Jeff Gill FLOWERY BRANCH — The Georgia Department of Transportation’s deputy commissioner predicted Tuesday that federal gas tax revenues would plummet if, as he expects, Congress starts making ends meet. Todd Long, speaking to the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce’s South Hall Business Coalition, addressed


Republican Candidates take different stances on TSPLOST

Forum: Westmoreland, Flanegan take different stances on TSPLOST By W. WINSTON SKINNER winston@newnan.com U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland and Chip Flanegan, one of his Republican challengers, highlighted their positions at a Saturday forum — including sharp differences on the upcoming TSPLOST vote. “I didn’t really come here to talk about TSPLOST,” Westmoreland said at the forum


What Is Really Behind T-SPLOST? Part One

Environmental justice: A new movement to restrict your movement Part one of a series by the Washington Times with information dating back to a 1994 executive order by Bill Clinton. “The obscure memorandum of understanding, based on a long-forgotten executive order signed by President Clinton in 1994, marries the issues of environmentalism and social justice.


“Why Your Highway Has Potholes”

From Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2012 “Since 1982 government mass-transit subsidies have totaled $750 billion (in today’s dollars), yet the share of travelers using transit has fallen by nearly one-third, according to Heritage Foundation transportation expert Wendell Cox. Federal data indicate that in 2010 in most major cities more people walked to work or

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