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2010 Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan: The other tax seeker

2010 Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan: The other tax seeker   Overlooked in the Transportation Investment Act’s rush to riches is the 2010 Statewide Freight & Logistics Plan (SFLP) concluding, “An investment of $15 billion over the next 20 years is needed across a wide range of freight-related projects to maximize the economic development potential


Local Issue Brewing: Erickson on TSPLOST

From The Telegraph June 15, 2012 By: Erick Erickson “Having been so focused on national issues these past few weeks, it is nice to step back and look locally. “There is a lot of local politicking heating up, from contested elections to the Transportation SPLOST. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I will oppose


Will spending huge sums of money on roads and bridges bring economic success?

By LEE BALLARD — Special to “The Telegraph” “The competitiveness initiative report reveals that transportation’s role is but a small piece of a larger, complex economic development puzzle all begging for funding. The point being, the economy and job creation can happen without cycling $19 billion through the GDOT, the T-SPLOST projects overseer, money maze.


Georgia’s obsession: Pouring concrete and asphalt

Based on the headline, you might think this is a pro-T-SPLOST piece.  The content will surprise you. Lee Ballard. a Macon resident, blows the whistle on the lies being spread by Chambers of Commerce across the state to sell you on T-SPLOST. “It’s true, Georgia’s 40th (not 49th) place per capita spending, at $607, is


New Group formed in Houston County to Oppose T-SPLOST

New group called Citizens Against T-SPLOST, or CATS, is headed up by former County Commission Chairman, Ned Sanders. Read the article: Click Here

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