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The Council on Public Policy Opposes the Transportation Investment Act

TSPLOST: A Noble Idea Has Been Hijacked The chairman of The Council on Public Policy explains why the organization encourages voters to oppose the Transportation Investment Act on July 31 at the polls. Kent Gildersleeve, acting chairman of The Council of Public Policy writes: The Council on Public Policy, at its regular meeting this month,


Religious Icon in Portland – Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Heads up – this is long – 30 minutes. John Charles, Portland, OR environmental council member and now think tank president, offers warnings on light rail to Vancouver.  He concludes by saying, “I’m not inherently opposed to trains.  Actually I used to commute from NJ to in NYC on the commuter trains. I enjoyed it;


Some Information about the T-SPLOST

Posted by Jake Walker, no relation Monday, July 23rd For those of you not aware, on July 31st, Georgia voters will face a referendum on a one cent sales tax known as the T-SPLOST. The website dedicating to promoting the T-SPLOST gives a little background information on what the tax is: On July 31, 2012,


Transports of Delight

American infatuation with the dream of high-speed rail doesn’t match its needs. Why can’t America build high-speed passenger rail systems? If the Chinese can do it, we can do it, as President Barack Obama reportedly declared to his economic advisory team. But should we? China can do it. China has built more than 1,000 miles


Highway contractors give heavily to T-SPLOST

From Atlanta Unfiltered: http://www.atlantaunfiltered.com/2012/07/17/highway-contractors-give-heavily-to-t-splost-bid/ Highway contractors give heavily to T-SPLOST bid July 17, 2012 — A citizens’ group today called out two committees pushing the July 31 transportation sales tax referendum for failing to disclose their donors. The Transportation Leadership Coalition also identified donors of at least $434,000 to the pro-tax effort. While we wait


Video: Express Bus vs Light Rail

You’re being asked to approve BILLIONS of dollars in new taxes to build a few scattered light rail lines. Are you getting good value for your money?


Video: TSPLOST Atlanta v Other Cities

TSPLOST supporters will tell you that Dallas and Denver will steal business from Atlanta because of our traffic problems. TSPLOST supporters will also tell you that Dallas and Denver have a competitive advantage over Atlanta because they have light rail systems. There are also things they won’t tell you. Outrageous cost overuns and staggeringly high


2012 Tuesday: Polls show clear decline for T-SPLOST support (Updated)

2012 Tuesday: Polls show clear decline for T-SPLOST support (Updated) By Kyle Wingfiel AJC Opinion polls for the presidential race, even when broken down by state, are too far out from Election Day to tell us very much. But the T-SPLOST referendum, which is just two weeks away? That’s different — and a few new


Get Ready for America’s Top States for Business 2012

Get Ready for America’s Top States for Business 2012 By Scott Cohn  CNBC What’s keeping Georgia from the top spot in the nation? Hint: It’s not transportation and infrastructure. Read More: Click Here


8 Cities with surprising job growth

More good new on Atlanta jobs – without T-SPLOST. Kiplinger: 8 Cities with surprising job growth Metro area population: 5.4 million Current unemployment rate: 8.5% Job growth next five years: 8% Number of new jobs: 180,000 It won’t expand as fast as the others on our list, but Atlanta’s size and diversity will make it

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