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The TSPLOST – Passage will obstruct progress

The TSPLOST – Passage will obstruct progress By Ron Sifen  The TSPLOST was supposed to be about reducing  traffic congestion. The Atlanta Regional Commission has conceded that the  TSPLOST projects list will do little to reduce regional commute times. The ARC  says they are defining “alleviating traffic congestion” as meaning increasing  the number of people


Religious Icon in Portland – Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Heads up – this is long – 30 minutes. John Charles, Portland, OR environmental council member and now think tank president, offers warnings on light rail to Vancouver.  He concludes by saying, “I’m not inherently opposed to trains.  Actually I used to commute from NJ to in NYC on the commuter trains. I enjoyed it;


25 Worst Cities to Be Young

The Daily Beast crunched the numbers to find where unemployment and debt are highest for young adults. #14 Portland, Oregon Current unemployment, age 20-24: 12.7% Change in: Population, age 18-24: 4.8% Indebtedness: -8.3% Unemployment, age 20-24: 69% Population with associate’s degree or some college, age 18-24: 28% Population with bachelor’s degree, age 18-24: -24% Males


Video: TSPLOST Atlanta v Other Cities

TSPLOST supporters will tell you that Dallas and Denver will steal business from Atlanta because of our traffic problems. TSPLOST supporters will also tell you that Dallas and Denver have a competitive advantage over Atlanta because they have light rail systems. There are also things they won’t tell you. Outrageous cost overuns and staggeringly high


Leinberger Admits Rail About Economic Development, Not Congestion Relief

Leinberger Admits Rail About Economic Development, Not Congestion Relief By Steve Brown Fayette County Board of Commissioners, Post 4 It should be noted Commissioner Brown was on the panel with Mr. Leinberger at the AJC PNC Bank t-splost Forum on July 12, 2012  Reading Chris Leinberger in the Marietta Daily Journal today and watching the


Transit and the “D” Word

Transit and the “D” Word By Erick Guerra and Robert Cervero Could this be why the progressive planners behind TIA 2010 / T-splost are implementing higher density development in Metro ATL’s cities via ARC Plan 2040? Is your city council on board? Who will pay? Without high patronage, new rail investments incur large deficits and fail


Transit Cooperative Research Program

Transit Cooperative Research Program Sponsored by the Federal Transit Administration Robert Cervero, University of California, Berkeley and Samuel Seskin, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglas, Inc. “Urban rail transit investments rarely “create” new growth, but more typically redistribute growth that would have taken place without the investment.” For Study Details: Click Here 


100% Cost Over-run

Thanks to a Facebook friend we learned the following.  Charlotte ran construction deficits double their Light Rail budget. From the Charlotte Business Journal, Friday Sept 2, 2011 “Charlotte’s first light rail line was plagued by cost overruns that pushed the total price to nearly $463 million – double original estimates when it opened four years

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