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Alpharetta’s City Council opposes T-SPLOST

By S. Lee Guy @rootsinalpharetta “Do you support the T-SPLOST referendum?” It was a simple question I posed individually to each of Alpharetta’s council members. The answers surprised me.   City Council T-SPLOST Votes Elected Official T-SPLOST Vote David Belle Isle No * Donald Mitchell No Mike Kennedy No Chris Owens Didn’t Answer Jim Gilvin


Video: TSPLOST Don’t Be Fooled by BIG Money

“For every $1 they spend on advertising, they stand to gain $1,000 in construction projects if this referendum passes. No wonder they are spending an unprecedented $8.2 million dollars to persuade you to vote for their wasteful pet projects.” >


8 Cities with surprising job growth

More good new on Atlanta jobs – without T-SPLOST. Kiplinger: 8 Cities with surprising job growth Metro area population: 5.4 million Current unemployment rate: 8.5% Job growth next five years: 8% Number of new jobs: 180,000 It won’t expand as fast as the others on our list, but Atlanta’s size and diversity will make it


The Quickest, Least Expensive Way to Cut Traffic Congestion

Here’s the quickest, least expensive way to cut traffic congestion by Don McKee Columnist June 25, 2012 The TSPLOST/TIA will not do much to unclog traffic anytime soon, if ever. That’s clear despite claims by supporters of the tax plan. The focus is on moving people instead of riding the technology wave in our changing


TSPLOST – Just the Facts in 10 Minutes

In 10 short minutes, you’ll learn all you need to know about the proposed 1% increase in your sales tax on everything you buy including food and prescription drugs. The tax increase is known as TSPLOST and will be on the ballot as Referendum 1 on July 31st.


Prominent Gwinnett Columnist Opposes TSPLOST

SPEAK OUT: Prominent Gwinnett Columnist Opposes TSPLOST Brack denounces the proposed 1 percent sales tax in his latest newsletter. June 22, 2012 “The TSPLOST vote that will go before voters in Gwinnett and other areas on July 31 has gained a powerful opponent: Gwinnett columnist and publisher Elliott Brack.”   Read the article: Click Here


TSPLOST Tax fight heats up

Mike Lowry from Transportation Leadership Coalition and Eldrin Bell, Clayton County Commissions square off in Clayton County.  Coverage provided by WSBTV http://www.wsbtv.com/videos/news/tsplost-tax-fight-heats-up/vcSzp/


Big Companies Strong-arming Employees

Metro Atlanta firms as voter turnout machines 9:00 am June 23, 2012, by jgalloway “You may not know it yet, but if you work for a large company in metro Atlanta, you’re about to become part of one of the most unusual political campaigns this state has ever seen. Most battles for votes are conducted


Rockdale County: TSPLOST debated at Think Tank meeting

TSPLOST debated at Think Tank meeting Local citizens and political candidates gathered this past Saturday to discuss the upcoming Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax vote during a meeting of the Rockdale County Think Tank. If the opposition voiced during the meeting represents the opinions of a majority of local voters, the one percent tax

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