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More T-SPLOST games

More T-SPLOST games By Terry Garlock Sunday morning provides a number of TV choices for political updates. One of those is The Georgia Gang, a roundtable discussion of local issues among four regulars, two conservatives and two liberals. As you might predict, T-SPLOST is an escalating topic on this show as the July 31 vote


Next-Century Suburban Design

Next-Century Suburban Design July 1, 2012 Mike Lowry We have a congestion problem because our transportation planning has been dysfunctional for years. We have planned (and spent) as if Atlanta is still the hub-and-spoke city that it was in the 1960’s. We have ignored the suburban growth pattern and failed to create a grid of


Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers on Plan B

In a world where nearly every CRE power player in Atlanta is promoting the upcoming TSPLOST vote, State Sen. Chip Rogers (R-Woodstock) is a lone voice of dissent. In fact, he was on Bisnow’s Atlanta Future of Transportation Panel when he told our audience: “There is a Plan B.”


Mostly False: “There is no Plan B” if the transportation referendum is not passed by voters.

T-SPLOST supporter says options are slim if referendum fails Share this story:  “Next month’s monumental voter referendum to increase the sales tax rate to pay for dozens of transportation projects across metro Atlanta has brought up an interesting question. “Can we do this over and come up with another list of projects if the referendum


‘Plan B’ starts to emerge

From The Marietta Daily Journal, June 14, 2012 By Ron Sifen, member of the Transportation  Leadership Coalition In order to initiate Plan B, taxpayers must vote NO on the regional tax on July 31. The Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) has recently conceded that the TSPLOST projects list will have an insignificant impact on reducing commute


Plan B: Georgia Public Policy Foundation comes up with “No-Tax” Alternatives

Five Ways to Move Ahead on Transportation Policy By Benita M. Dodd 1.) Express buses capitalize on the state’s existing plan to transform the current high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) managed lanes into a network of high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. 2.) Change MARTA’s fares to distance-based, along with an attractive “frequent rider” discount. 3.) Provide a fuel


Self-Driving Cars Could be Part of Atlanta’s Traffic Solutions

Traffic accidents are the major source of congestion issues in metro Atlanta.  Could self driving cars become a solution of the future and a major component for Plan B? Read all about this intriguing solution: Click Here

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