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T-SPLOST Report: Don & Ron’s $87 Million Tax Give-Away

Just Dandy or Downright Irresponsible? Monday, July 23, 2012 Augusta, GA By IndyInjun A loose coalition of anti-tax and community activists has arisen locally to oppose T-Splost, which is the chosen acronym for a proposed new 1% sales tax dedicated to transportation. This measure is Referendum Item 1 on the July 31 Georgia primary election


Former Georgia state representative and state senator sounds off

Vote ‘no’ on the TSPLOST By Joey Brush Grovetown Sunday, July 22, 2012 In our region, local government representatives have done a fairly good job of assembling their list of the most pressing road projects for the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax, and have not fallen into the temptation of expensive, money-loser mass-transit projects


Illegal T-SPLOST Advertising?!?!

Using state resources to campaign for higher taxes?!? This is on Furys Ferry just north of Evans to Locks in Augusta


Audit: Georgia DOT sitting on $1billion

GDOT has over $1.2B on hand and uncommitted last summer.  That’s a 31% increase in a single year. Audit: Georgia DOT sitting on $1billion.


More T-SPLOST games

More T-SPLOST games By Terry Garlock Sunday morning provides a number of TV choices for political updates. One of those is The Georgia Gang, a roundtable discussion of local issues among four regulars, two conservatives and two liberals. As you might predict, T-SPLOST is an escalating topic on this show as the July 31 vote


Audit finds GDOT financial mismanagement

Audit finds GDOT financial mismanagement By Richard Belcher ATLANTA — The Georgia Department of Transportation spends more than $2 billion in taxes every year, but the agency’s financial management has ranged from terrible to poor for years, according to auditors. Every year, GDOT spends hundreds of millions of dollars, nearly all of it from state


GDOT’s Scathing Financial Report

GDOT spends more than $2B tax payer dollars every year. 4th straight ‘scathing’ critical report. Watch the investigative report


Next-Century Suburban Design

Next-Century Suburban Design July 1, 2012 Mike Lowry We have a congestion problem because our transportation planning has been dysfunctional for years. We have planned (and spent) as if Atlanta is still the hub-and-spoke city that it was in the 1960’s. We have ignored the suburban growth pattern and failed to create a grid of


Local Issue Brewing: Erickson on TSPLOST

From The Telegraph June 15, 2012 By: Erick Erickson “Having been so focused on national issues these past few weeks, it is nice to step back and look locally. “There is a lot of local politicking heating up, from contested elections to the Transportation SPLOST. As I wrote a few weeks ago, I will oppose

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