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T-SPLOST Won’t Work

Too Little Congestion Relief T-SPLOST is weak and late on congestion relief.  Assuming drivers will take trains and buses is naïve at best and dishonest at worst.  Congestion relief requires establishing a grid,   T-SPLOST doesn’t do that. What T-SPLOST Does T-SPLOST is designed to bail our MARTA, expand wasteful public transit, fix a few expensive


Transportation Investment Act of 2010

Read the final Transportation Investment Act of 2010 legislation as defined in House Bill 277 passed by the Georgia House and Senate.


Georgia Public Policy Foundation Research on T-SPLOST

On May 23rd, The Georgia Public Policy Foundation, in conjunction with Baruch Feingenbaum, adjunct scholar and transportation policy analyst from Reason Foundation, hosted a breakfast to provide their report on TIA and T-SPLOST. View the event video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKkUC7qfVto&feature=plcp View the Powerpoint presentation here: http://www.georgiapolicy.org/pub/transportation/TSPLOSTPPT.ppt Click here to download GPPF’s report: http://gppf.org/default.asp?pt=newsdescr&RI=1883    


TSPLOST Fact Sheet

STOP the largest tax increase in Georgia history. The TIA/TSPLOST proponents would like to spend about Eight and a half Billion Dollars ($8,500,000,000) of your tax money! And that’s just the beginning. Find out how the current list of projects won’t help your traffic jam. Learn about common sense solutions to the Metro region’s traffic


Fact or Fiction: Chamber of Commerce Distributes T-SPLOST Information

Responses in RED and labeled “Truth” have been added by Nolen Cox to correct the fallacies and false claims by the PR campaign of the Georgia Transportation Alliance. Comments by Nolen Cox did not appear in the original Fact or Fiction article in the newspaper. Fact or Fiction: Chamber of Commerce distributes TSPLOST information Author:


Local Officals Voice Opposition to TSPLOST

by Kristal Dixon kdixon@cherokeetribune.com May 23, 2012 11:59 PM CANTON — Tuesday night’s panel discussion on the upcoming referendum to impose a 1 percent sales tax for transportation projects saw several local officials who were originally on board with the project change direction on the issue. The Republican Women of Cherokee County sponsored the panel


$6.14 billion plan’s fatal flaws

Representative Ed Setzler – who voted in favor of TIA (HB277) in 2010 – AJC, January 23, 2012 “Passed by the Legislature to relieve traffic congestion in metro Atlanta, the heavily Atlanta Regional Commission-influenced project list allocates more than 50 percent of the region’s $6.14 billion to fund transit projects that by objective accounts will


“Why Your Highway Has Potholes”

From Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2012 “Since 1982 government mass-transit subsidies have totaled $750 billion (in today’s dollars), yet the share of travelers using transit has fallen by nearly one-third, according to Heritage Foundation transportation expert Wendell Cox. Federal data indicate that in 2010 in most major cities more people walked to work or


Two Developments Must Occur Before Passing a Sales Tax

MARTA chief, Beverly Scott, on the TIA: “Most notably, three developments need to occur. A transit governance structure with regional control must past the legislature this session. The MARTA Act needs to be revised to allow for flexibility on how the agency spends its sales tax revenue — removing the restriction that 50 percent be

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