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Deal’s Appointment Another Reason To Consider “No” On T-SPLOST

Deal’s Appointment Another Reason To Consider “No” On T-SPLOST The Governor also makes this appointment at a time when voters are asked to approve billions of new tax dollars for transportation improvements via T-SPLOST referendums this month. Opponents of the measures are already citing a reluctance to give significant new money to a system rife


More Bribes from Governor’s Office?

McCranie asked about TSPLOST Posted by Cindy Eckles Friday, June 22. 2012 Dodge County News Online “Glass contacted The Dodge County News at press time and stated, “Minutes before the county commissioners meeting, I was handed a copy of an e-mail from Lowndes GOP Chairman where he accuses the Governor of offering to campaign for


Debate Over Transportation Tax on 11Alive

video11-Alive VideoSunday, June 17, 2012, 11Alive News Bob Ross, Transportation Leadership Coalition, discusses the cons of the projects list. David Stockert, CEO Post Properties, takes on the pro-tax side.  Stockert is also Chairman of Citizens for Transportation Mobility, an affiliate with the Georgia Chambers of Commerce which also goes by the name of Untie Atlanta


Q & A on Northwest Corridor project with Gov Deal

If Governor Deal is against public – private partnerships, which Senator Saxby Chambliss also says he is against, then why are both of them proponents of TIA/T-SPLOST? Q. Any possible pitfalls that might hang this project up? A. We hope not. Obviously we determined that the original (public-private partnership) concept was not something that I


Georgia’s obsession: Pouring concrete and asphalt

Based on the headline, you might think this is a pro-T-SPLOST piece.  The content will surprise you. Lee Ballard. a Macon resident, blows the whistle on the lies being spread by Chambers of Commerce across the state to sell you on T-SPLOST. “It’s true, Georgia’s 40th (not 49th) place per capita spending, at $607, is


These days, the governor drives Georgia road planning

On June 6, 2012, Joe Earle, Editor of the “Reporter Newspapers” provided this preface to the main article. “Dunwoody resident Bob Dallas writes an occasional column for Reporter Newspapers and www.ReporterNewspapers.net called “Dallas On Transportation” or “DOT.” Dallas headed the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety under former Gov. Sonny Perdue. He will answer questions about

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