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BeltLine’s oversight questioned in two reports that could affect sales tax vote

BeltLine’s oversight questioned in two reports that could affect sales tax vote By David Pendered An audit by Atlanta’s city auditor has flagged expenses by the Atlanta BeltLine, including pension benefits that aren’t available to city employees and credit card expenses in one month of $9,835 for items including an executive retreat and staff dinner.


MARTA riders wary of sales tax

MARTA riders wary of sales tax By Steve Visser The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Charles Miller registered to vote at the Five Points rail station last week because it’s a big election year. He might support the president in November, but not a regional sales tax in July. “I don’t see any improvements — I just see


Grievances Dominate TSPLOST Town Hall in Brookhaven

WABE News Sunday, June 17, 2012 By: Jonathan Shapiro “At the town hall, Mike Lowry of Roswell said the project list was skewed towards MARTA and public transit at the expense of much needed road-funding. “People come here and give up promotions in order to stay here and they don’t do that because of MARTA


Video: Mike Alexander, ARC, Tells the Truth about T-SPLOST Taxes Going to MARTA Operations and Maintenance

HB277 Transportation Investment Act states, starting on line 419, that MARTA “shall not be authorized to use any proceeds from the special district transportation sales and use tax for expenses of maintenance and operation of such portions of the transportation system of such authority in existence on January1, 2011.” Starting at minute 15:14, “Growing unfunded


Debate Over Transportation Tax on 11Alive

video11-Alive VideoSunday, June 17, 2012, 11Alive News Bob Ross, Transportation Leadership Coalition, discusses the cons of the projects list. David Stockert, CEO Post Properties, takes on the pro-tax side.  Stockert is also Chairman of Citizens for Transportation Mobility, an affiliate with the Georgia Chambers of Commerce which also goes by the name of Untie Atlanta


Video: Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Adjunct Scholar Baruch Feigenbaum, author of the “Getting Georgia Moving” study, discusses the T-SPLOST focusing on the metro Atlanta region. Download the complementary powerpoint presentation here: http://www.georgiapolicy.org/pub/transportation/TSPLOSTPPT.ppt Sections of note: Minute 14:40 – The most we should be funding transit is 25% to 33%, not 52% Minute 15:00 – Least dense area over 3M people



Atlanta Tea Party Leaders Debbie Dooley and Julianne Thompson blast the pro-T-SPLOST campaign as being deceptive to metro-Atlanta voters. Thompson stated, “Citizens for Transportation Mobility, the high dollar public relations arm of the pro-T-SPLOST political campaign has shown in their recent attacks that they are worried and desperate.” Dooley stated, “Although we support a consumption-based


Pro-TSPLOST Tax Lobbyist Recants

In Henry forum, lobbyist Lawler said Brown was not wrong “I believe Mr. Lawler has an uphill battle trying to sell the TSPLOST. Most everyone walked away from our debate in Henry County siding with Commissioner Brown. Once you know the facts, the choice to oppose TSPLOST is easy unless you are in transportation building


WSB’s Adam Goldfein on T-SPLOST

T-SPLOST: Additional Thoughts May 29, 2012 Adam’s Blog, T-SPLOST. The effectiveness of the T-SPLOST at creating and funding large regional projects needs to be questioned. If multiple counties are coming together to build transportation projects, why don’t we see large projects like a northern arc or comprehensive rail system? The project lists are littered with


T-SPLOST ‘extraordinarily wasteful’

AJC’s Tom Sabulis interviewed Lance Lamberton, founder of the Cobb County Taxpayers Association, via email about the July 31 transportation tax referendum.  Below is a sample of the Q & A: Q: How are you telling Cobb residents to vote on the T-SPLOST, and why? A: Cobb Taxpayers Association is recommending that Cobb residents vote

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