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Georgia’s ‘Wisconsin’ Moment? “The Georgia Bellwether”

The Georgia Bellwether On July 31st, Georgia voters will decide on a 1% sales tax increase – whether to fund a list of pre-approved transportation projects. This money will be in addition to the over $1B annual G-DOT budget. The politicians and special interests who will benefit from this new tax are using every means


T-SPLOST Won’t Work

Too Little Congestion Relief T-SPLOST is weak and late on congestion relief.  Assuming drivers will take trains and buses is naïve at best and dishonest at worst.  Congestion relief requires establishing a grid,   T-SPLOST doesn’t do that. What T-SPLOST Does T-SPLOST is designed to bail our MARTA, expand wasteful public transit, fix a few expensive


Fact or Fiction: Chamber of Commerce Distributes T-SPLOST Information

Responses in RED and labeled “Truth” have been added by Nolen Cox to correct the fallacies and false claims by the PR campaign of the Georgia Transportation Alliance. Comments by Nolen Cox did not appear in the original Fact or Fiction article in the newspaper. Fact or Fiction: Chamber of Commerce distributes TSPLOST information Author:

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