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Georgia’s obsession: Pouring concrete and asphalt

Based on the headline, you might think this is a pro-T-SPLOST piece.  The content will surprise you.

Lee Ballard. a Macon resident, blows the whistle on the lies being spread by Chambers of Commerce across the state to sell you on T-SPLOST.

“It’s true, Georgia’s 40th (not 49th) place per capita spending, at $607, is not on par with the national average. However it is more than several Southern states: South Carolina ($443), Tennessee ($445), Arkansas ($488), Alabama ($511), North Carolina ($512) and Texas ($604). And it’s within $88 of the other southeastern states: Kentucky ($629), Mississippi ($654), Virginia ($659), Florida ($660) and Louisiana ($695). No southeastern state comes near the national average of $782.

“As a percent of Gross State Product, Georgia’s 1.44 percent beats most Southeastern states. Only Kentucky (1.60), Florida (1.66) and Mississippi (1.93) are a fraction higher. The national average is 1.63 percent.

“In terms of transportation money spent in 2011, Georgia’s $5.9 billion ranks 10th nationally, tops in the southeast except for fifth place Florida ($12.8 billion). Florida has 10 million more residents than Georgia. The state did not lapse into transportation status quo, as the chamber and the GDOT announced.”

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