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Q & A on Northwest Corridor project with Gov Deal

If Governor Deal is against public – private partnerships, which Senator Saxby Chambliss also says he is against, then why are both of them proponents of TIA/T-SPLOST?

Q. Any possible pitfalls that might hang this project up?

A. We hope not. Obviously we determined that the original (public-private partnership) concept was not something that I felt was in the best interest of the citizens of our state. … That’s when we looked at it from a different point of view as to how we can achieve this project without having to basically give away the sovereignty of the state of Georgia for a 60 to 70 year period of time. …What we came up with is a much more workable solution. It certainly gives greater flexibility in terms of the state having the ability to determine what the tolls will be.

Best interest of the citizens?  Give away sovereignty? State determine tolls?

Read all the Governor’s comments: Click Here

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