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Tax Proponents on Defense in Advance of T-SPLOST Vote

Defensive Maneuvers In Advance Of T-SPLOST Vote

June 12, 2012 13:00 pm

Today’s Courier Herald Column:

“When politicians want to make news, it’s generally done via Sunday news programs or Monday morning press conferences. It’s a not so subtle way of attempting to control the news flow for the week. Conversely, when they prefer not to make news, press releases are often buried late on a Friday afternoon.”

“…Governor Deal announced late Friday that he had saved Georgians from an automatic tax increase. The sales tax portion of Georgia’s motor fuels tax was set to increase by eight tenths of one cent per gallon on July 1st based on formula that was approved in the 80’s. Normally, a tax cut is something that politicians choose to trumpet, rather than bury in a Summer Friday news cycle.”

“The announcement allows the Governor to avoid news stories about gas taxes going up around the first of July. Coincidentally, early voting for Georgia’s July 31st primary will begin about that time. On that ballot will be votes across the state for regional T-SPLOSTs to increase sales taxes to pay for transportation.”

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