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Atlanta Tea Party Leaders Debbie Dooley and Julianne Thompson blast the pro-T-SPLOST campaign as being deceptive to metro-Atlanta voters. Thompson stated, “Citizens for Transportation Mobility, the high dollar public relations arm of the pro-T-SPLOST political campaign has shown in their recent attacks that they are worried and desperate.” Dooley stated, “Although we support a consumption-based


T-SPLOST advocates should be panicking right about now

The results of the Georgia Pundit online survey are in: “More than 78% of respondents in our online survey indicated that they will vote against the T-SPLOST on July 31st. While this is not by any means a random-sample, the heavy skewing of our readership toward conservative and Republican activists mean it has value for


T-SPLOST vote comes down to time vs. money

Kyle Wingfield of the AJC put some perspective around the urgency message by the T-SPLOST advocates: “The fear factor may be the campaign’s most persuasive argument. Forecasts of how much congestion will ease if the projects are built are fine, but it’s hard to know how reliable they are. Or how much congestion will improve


Q & A on Northwest Corridor project with Gov Deal

If Governor Deal is against public – private partnerships, which Senator Saxby Chambliss also says he is against, then why are both of them proponents of TIA/T-SPLOST? Q. Any possible pitfalls that might hang this project up? A. We hope not. Obviously we determined that the original (public-private partnership) concept was not something that I


Plan B: Georgia Public Policy Foundation comes up with “No-Tax” Alternatives

Five Ways to Move Ahead on Transportation Policy By Benita M. Dodd 1.) Express buses capitalize on the state’s existing plan to transform the current high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) managed lanes into a network of high-occupancy toll (HOT) lanes. 2.) Change MARTA’s fares to distance-based, along with an attractive “frequent rider” discount. 3.) Provide a fuel


Johns Creek Mayor on TSPLOST – Tax is not more Tax

Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker, Fulton County Commission Chairman John Eaves, and others talk TSPLOST for North Fulton during the one-sided “Wireside Chats” From the Alpharetta, Roswell, and other North Fulton Patch articles: Bodker: “This Tax is not intended to create more tax.” Huh? Read the article: Click Here Chairman Eaves discussed how the tax


Politics Trumps Reducing Traffic Congestion

The Atlanta Transportation Tax: Too Much for Too Little June 5, 2012 By Wendell Cox “The measure is highly tilted towards transit spending. Sadly, this would do virtually nothing to reduce Atlanta’s traffic or its travel times.” “…less than five percent of work trip travel is by transit, the tax measure devotes more than 50


We Need New Sales Tax for Economic Development – – Really?

Atlanta Regional Commission, Untie Atlanta, MAVEN, and all their well-funded allies say this new sales tax is needed because Charlotte and Dallas are using our traffic congestion as a weapon against Atlanta.  If small business is the backbone of America, and if traffic congestion is a badge of honor and increases GDP, is this really


Citizen Contribution: T-SPLOST: The False Dilemma

T-SPLOST:  THE FALSE DILEMMA     By: Billy Wise, Concerned Citizen, Duluth   That there is a problem with traffic congestion in Metro Atlanta cannot be argued with.  The big question is, are we on the correct solution path with T-SPLOST to address that congestion?  As a possible answer to that question, the following hypothesis

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