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T-SPLOST vote comes down to time vs. money

Kyle Wingfield of the AJC put some perspective around the urgency message by the T-SPLOST advocates:

“The fear factor may be the campaign’s most persuasive argument. Forecasts of how much congestion will ease if the projects are built are fine, but it’s hard to know how reliable they are. Or how much congestion will improve where any given voter/taxpayer/commuter lives and drives.

“Or if it’s even a big deal to reduce “congestion” by 24 percent, as forecasters claim. Depending on how one defines the region, the data show “congestion” (vs. mere distance) accounts for six to 10 minutes of the average, hour-a-day commute. So, the data suggest T-SPLOST projects would shrink the average daily commute by less than 150 seconds.”

Of course, you have to decide for yourself, but we don’t feel like minutes off a commute is worth thousands of dollars out of our pockets.

Read Wingfield’s piece: Click Here

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