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Say ‘No’ to new T-SPLOST tax

Say ‘No’ to new T-SPLOST tax

by Mike Buffington

Friday, June 22. 2012

“When government officials talk about “investment,” what they really mean is more taxes.

“That’s the case with the proposed transportation sales tax vote coming up July 31. Known as “T-SPLOST,” the measure asks voters to approve a new sales tax to fund a variety of transportation projects across the state. But unlike a true statewide sales tax, this one will be voted on by regions.

“Most of the attention so far has been on the Atlanta region where traffic is a mess. Despite that, many Atlanta area citizens are opposed to the sales tax. There are several reasons for that, including the fact that some studies now show the tax and spending will do very little to fix the area’s traffic problems.

“Here in Northeast Georgia, Barrow County is part of a different region than Atlanta — our vote will have nothing to do with fixing Atlanta’s problems. Instead, Barrow County voters will vote along with Jackson, Madison, Clarke, Oconee and other nearby counties on whether or not to tax the region an additional $1 billion over the next 10 years. The vote is regional and even if a county votes against the measure, the region outcome is what matters.

“But there are several major issues to consider in whether or not to approve this new tax:”

Read the list of reasons: Click Here

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