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More T-SPLOST games

More T-SPLOST games

By Terry Garlock

Sunday morning provides a number of TV choices for political updates. One of those is The Georgia Gang, a roundtable discussion of local issues among four regulars, two conservatives and two liberals.

As you might predict, T-SPLOST is an escalating topic on this show as the July 31 vote approaches, and one of the liberals, Jeff Dickerson, is a constant and strong advocate of T-SPLOST.

In a disappointing lapse of integrity, Dickerson never discloses that he is a paid T-SPLOST lobbyist. Dick Williams, the show’s host, does point it out now and then in his counter-point since Dickerson doesn’t have the character to make his own disclosure. But I am working toward a different point.

Dickerson, who is always armed with a ton of T-SPLOST talking points, let the cat out of the bag Sunday in his fervent argument.

Out of frustration with reluctant voters, in a heated moment Dickerson said that the transportation project backlog in the 10-county area is a whopping $66 billion, and that the tiny $7-8 billion T-SPLOST we will vote on July 31 is only the first step and we must get started now!

If we don’t, Dickerson says, then Atlanta is going to lose large employers to competing cities like Dallas and Charlotte as they move away to flee traffic congestion.

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