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Republican Candidates take different stances on TSPLOST

Forum: Westmoreland, Flanegan take different stances on TSPLOST



U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland and Chip Flanegan, one of his Republican challengers, highlighted their positions at a Saturday forum — including sharp differences on the upcoming TSPLOST vote.

“I didn’t really come here to talk about TSPLOST,” Westmoreland said at the forum sponsored by the Coweta Tea Party Patriots on Saturday morning at Golden Corral. Nonetheless, he and Flanegan spent much time outlining their positions on the proposed transportation tax that will be on Georgia ballots on July 31.


Westmoreland related a conversation a few years ago with Ray LaHood, the U.S. Transportation secretary and a former Congressional colleague. Westmoreland was seeking funds for a transportation project in Georgia, but LaHood pointed out Georgia has a lower transportation tax than its neighboring states.

He said LaHood told him there was no need to talk about the project further “until you start doing something to help yourselves.”

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