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Are CID’s using taxpayer funds to advocate for TSPLOST?

Big Shanty Rd. project opens with a back to the future theme2

By Geoff Folsom MDJ


The project’s $1.75 million grant from the State Road and Tollway Authority  to the Town Center CID, which the CID will pay back, raised the ire of Larry  Savage, one of Lee’s three opponents in the July 31 Republican Primary. Though  Savage, the only one of Lee’s challengers in attendance at the ribbon-cutting,  suspected the money came from toll collections on State Route 400, SRTA  executive director Gena Evans insisted the money came from gas taxes.

But Savage, who has been strongly critical of the Cumberland and Town Center  CIDs’ donations to the Metro Atlanta Voter Education Network for what he  considers TSPLOST advocacy, was not pleased with that answer either.

“It’s taxpayer money,” he said. “In my mind, the CIDs are promoting the  TSPLOST at the same time they are getting money from government for  transportation. It’s the appearance of a conflict of interest. Whether it’s real  or not, it’s the kind of thing that makes people lose faith in their  government.”

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