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Urban Mobility Performance Measure Summary – Atlanta GA

Urban Mobility Performance Measure Summary – Atlanta GA

Texas A & M University 2011

Citizens For Transportation Mobility’s UntieAtlanta pro- TIA2010 / t-splost campaign hammers taxpayers with the $924/yr congestion cost Atlantans pay in wasted fuel and lost time while commuting in personal vehicles in Metro ATL traffic.  They insist ATL traffic keeps businesses from moving here and creating jobs, and is causing home values to suffer. 
What UntieAtlanta hasn’t told voters, though, is interesting: the congestion cost has actually been coming DOWN fairly significantly since 2006.  It was then at $1578! The number crept up steadily from a low of $166 in 1982, to $307 in 1987, to $619 in 1993, to $946 in 1997, to the high of $1578 in 2006
So, the “congestion cost” is now actually at a level not seen since 1997!  Without TIA 2010 / T-splost!
 Economically, we were in much better shape in 2006, in spite of the much higher congestion cost.  If congestion cost is relevant to the debate, isn’t the fact it has been coming down for five years something that should have been mentioned?
Also interesting is the box at the bottom of the document, which shows “Added Congestion If Public Transportation Were Discontinued”.  Appears to show if public transportation were discontinued completely, the worst it would do is add 4 hrs/yr to commute time per passenger vehicle.
When reading the report, please note:

Use the Trends

– The multi-year performance measures are better indicators, in most cases, than any single year.  Examining a few measures over many years reduces the chance that data variations or the estimating procedures may have caused a “spike” in any single year.      (5 years is 5 times better than 1 year.)

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