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TSPLOST Myth: “It’s only a penny tax…You can afford a penny…”

TSPLOST Myth: “It’s only a penny tax…you can afford a penny…”

By Political Vine

How many times have you heard the claim that “it’s only a penny” to guilt you into voting for T-SPLOST?

The pro-TSPLOST side thinks they can diminish the promotion in favor of getting people to vote for it by equating 1% with a “penny.”

The per capita salary for Georgians is $36,104.  According to some statistics PV has reviewed, approximately 36% of per capita income in Georgia is spent on sales taxable goods and services.

So, how much more money per year will someone who earns $36,104 per year pay in this “extra penny tax” if T-SPLOST passes? Approximately $130.00.  (Whatever your current yearly income actually is, multiply it by 0.0036 to obtain the actual dollar amount you will pay extra per year in sales taxes if T-SPLOST passes)

Now, to people like Maria Saporta and Ed Baker of The Atlanta Business Chronicle, or Paul Bennecke (lead consultant for the Atlanta-region’s pro-TSPLOST campaign), “$130.00″ is just pocket change that all of us have that we should just hand over to the government to use for some “better” purpose that they think that money can be used for.

What these people fail to understand is, this “extra money” they think nobody will actually miss paying will be missed.

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