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For or against — T-SPLOST draws attention

For or against — T-SPLOST draws attention

By Alice Queen

CONYERS — Activists on both sides of the T-SPLOST issue took up positions on the sidewalk in front of the Rockdale County Assembly Hall on Main Street Tuesday morning to bring their message to the public.

Josie Dean, organizer of the Rockdale Think Tank, spearheaded the protest effort against the T-SPLOST referendum that will be on the July 31 ballot. Advocates for T-SPLOST from DeKalb County responded by showing up to share their support of the referendum that will impose a 1 percent sales tax for transportation projects.

The Rockdale Republican Party sent out an email Tuesday morning objecting to the fact that the DeKalb County group had arrived to demonstrate without a permit from the city. While the T-SPLOST opponents had obtained a permit to assemble, Conyers Chief Operating Officer David Spann said a city permit was not needed by either group as long as those demonstrating did not block ingress, egress, roads or sidewalks or create a substantial public safety issue.

Despite the permit dispute, T-SPLOST opponent Clement Brown said that the event went well, with about 25 people there to oppose T-SPLOST.

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