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T-SPLOST – Enough is enough

T-SPLOST – Enough is enough

By David Wittenberg – Special to The Sun

The proposed T-SPLOST ballot measure on July 31 is the “Boston Tea Party” moment for Georgians. Either the measure is defeated or it will create another never ending tax for already overly taxed Georgians. Isn’t it time to say “enough is enough”?

If this tax is passed, it will provide an 8 percent sales tax to many of our counties at a time when the economy does not need further stress. This tax, unlike previous local SPLOSTs, will not run for six years but will continue for 10 years.

It is important to understand that delivery and priority of execution of projects are highly unreliable and totally in Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) control. Locally elected officials will have no control of when, where, how or to whom will be awarded contracts for the projects. Many will likely be in control of contracted engineering firms and some of those will probably be to out-of-state firms. That means your tax dollars will be spent to enhance another state’s coffers.

T-SPLOST passage will likely endanger future county/city SPLOSTs as taxpayers desire tax relief. That understandable desire will imperil passage of future local SPLOSTs, endangering the ability to meet local transportation and capital project needs.

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