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Too many troubles for TSPLOST

Too many troubles for TSPLOST

July 18, 2012 12:29 AM |


The TSPLOST has serious troubles, and unanswered management questions. For instance:

* It’s not clear who will govern the new transit. The Legislature couldn’t agree. Oversight officials are proposed to be political appointments, not elected. Even the role of the new Fulton cities and county additions like Cobb on a “New MARTA” board is disputed.

Cobb will concede home rule to “Regional Authorities” from outside Cobb. Cobb can’t “opt out” if TSPLOST passes, and will lose control of project routes and money.

* The TSPLOST Tax “Region” is likely unconstitutional, and the promised lawsuit will delay TSPLOST construction for years.

* Costs are understated. They sell TSPLOST as a 10-year tax, but it’s hard to stop transit costs once a line is built. Transit will lock in additional taxes for 40 years.

* MARTA can’t run transit on a 1 percent sales tax, and Cobb can’t either. The tax to operate the transit should be in the same referendum with the tax to build it.

* Secretary of State Brian Kemp is misleading voters by printing promotional language for the TSPLOST on the ballot. It’s above the referendum and in larger type than the tax question. That’s just not fair.

* Can we trust the “Region” to run transit, or will this plan will be a broken promise like the Ga. 400 tolls?

There are too many troubles with this tax plan. Vote NO and bring back an improved program.

Bob Hovey

Source: The Marietta Daily Journal – Too many troubles for TSPLOST

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