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Cobb Chairman Candidates on TSPLOST and Economic Development

Cobb Chairman Candidates on TSPLOST and Economic Development

By Kiri Walton

Here are the answers they’ve given on both the TSPLOST and economic (re)development, along with their thoughts on backyard chickens:

On TSPLOST/Transportation Investment Act

  • Bill Byrne, former Cobb Commission Chairman from 1992-2002: AGAINST “It’s as important to me to defeat this TSPLOST as it is for me to be reelected as chairman.”

“The TSPLOST is a proposal to raise your sales taxes for 10 years that would generate a billion dollars for Cobb County  to build programs and projects that have no usefulness at all in Cobb County, let alone Mableton.

  • Larry Savage: AGAINST “The major flaw in the TSPLOST, it isn’t about transportation. It isn’t about moving people… It is a permanent tax. That tax will never go away…We’ll spend more than our lifetimes ever trying to get the thing built. It’s a lot of tax  expense for all of us and benefits for very few.”
  • Incumbent Chairman Tim Lee: SUPPORTS He encouraged voters to do their research about the transportation      projects on the TIA list. “Make your own mind. Do your own research and determine whether or not it’s in the best interest for Mableton, Cobb County, the region.”
  • Retired Marine Mike Boyce: AGAINST “Would anybody in this room give somebody $689 million unless you know what you’re getting for your  money? Would you give anybody that amount of money for anything unless you knew what you were getting for your money, and especially to the government?… This is not going to go to the benefit of everybody, not  even close.”

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