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Self-Driving Cars Could be Part of Atlanta’s Traffic Solutions

Traffic accidents are the major source of congestion issues in metro Atlanta.  Could self driving cars become a solution of the future and a major component for Plan B? Read all about this intriguing solution: Click Here


Debunking the myth that traffic congestion and economic vitality can’t coexist.

Rethinking the Economics of Traffic Congestion Eric Dumbaugh Jun 01, 2012 With a few notable exceptions, transportation planning practice in the United States is focused on managing or eliminating traffic congestion. Regardless of whether planners are advocating for highway infrastructure to improve level-of-service, or transit projects intended to “get cars off the road,” the underlying


Pro-transportation tax group gets it mostly wrong

PolitiFact actually got one right, well sort of.  Their analysis is kind of like a baseball ump’s strike zone.  You never know what you’ll get.  But, hey, decide for yourself. On April 16, 2012, Citizens for Transportation Mobility published a supplemental advertisement in “Georgia Trend” magazine.  They claimed, “…metro Atlanta will create or support an


T-SPLOST Won’t Work

Too Little Congestion Relief T-SPLOST is weak and late on congestion relief.  Assuming drivers will take trains and buses is naïve at best and dishonest at worst.  Congestion relief requires establishing a grid,   T-SPLOST doesn’t do that. What T-SPLOST Does T-SPLOST is designed to bail our MARTA, expand wasteful public transit, fix a few expensive


Georgia Public Policy Foundation Research on T-SPLOST

On May 23rd, The Georgia Public Policy Foundation, in conjunction with Baruch Feingenbaum, adjunct scholar and transportation policy analyst from Reason Foundation, hosted a breakfast to provide their report on TIA and T-SPLOST. View the event video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKkUC7qfVto&feature=plcp View the Powerpoint presentation here: http://www.georgiapolicy.org/pub/transportation/TSPLOSTPPT.ppt Click here to download GPPF’s report: http://gppf.org/default.asp?pt=newsdescr&RI=1883    


1 percent sales tax for transportation: For first time, officials acknowledge it may last more than 10 years

Gwinnett County Chairman Charlotte Nash raised the issue of a second phase of the penny sales tax at a meeting Thursday of the roundtable’s executive committee. Her comment elicited one direct response. “One question on the table is: What if the next phase is not passed?” asked Nash, who’s elected countywide to head the Gwinnett


T-SPLOST Related Transit Study Seems Aimed at Avoiding Inconvenient Results

If the T-SPLOST is approved, and after the projects are built, will you have a shorter commute time?  The ARC recently admitted that the answer is NO. Instead, the ARC says that “alleviating traffic congestion” is defined as increasing the number of people who can hypothetically reach a given point within 45 minutes. Paying $6.14


Ed Crowell, President & CEO, Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Inc., September 30, 2011

Speaking at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation Legislative Policy Briefing on Sept. 30, 2011, Ed Crowell of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association was asked his opinion of the T-SPLOST projects list.  His response: “Looking at the most recent project list, we don’t find anything that will reduce congestion.”   Georgia Motor Trucking Association is a


Congressman Tom Price, May 27, 2012

“I think you got to weigh whether or not the project list and the increase in capacity or lack thereof justifies the increased tax and whether or not the regional nature of it is sufficient.” Read more: The Marietta Daily Journal – Congressman sounds off on TIA  


Debunking the Myths: Part 2 – Emissions

Debunking the Myths:  Part 2 – Emissions   The myth:  Building rail transit will reduce emissions. This is the thought that drives environmentalists everywhere.  Their lobby has become so powerful that rail transit is virtually the only kind of transportation project that the Federal government will approve. The problem is that the thought is false.

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