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Religious Icon in Portland – Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Heads up – this is long – 30 minutes. John Charles, Portland, OR environmental council member and now think tank president, offers warnings on light rail to Vancouver.  He concludes by saying, “I’m not inherently opposed to trains.  Actually I used to commute from NJ to in NYC on the commuter trains. I enjoyed it;


Alpharetta’s City Council opposes T-SPLOST

By S. Lee Guy @rootsinalpharetta “Do you support the T-SPLOST referendum?” It was a simple question I posed individually to each of Alpharetta’s council members. The answers surprised me.   City Council T-SPLOST Votes Elected Official T-SPLOST Vote David Belle Isle No * Donald Mitchell No Mike Kennedy No Chris Owens Didn’t Answer Jim Gilvin


Former Georgia state representative and state senator sounds off

Vote ‘no’ on the TSPLOST By Joey Brush Grovetown Sunday, July 22, 2012 In our region, local government representatives have done a fairly good job of assembling their list of the most pressing road projects for the transportation special-purpose local option sales tax, and have not fallen into the temptation of expensive, money-loser mass-transit projects


11Alive Debate: Senator Thompson v Senate Majority Leader Rogers

July 14, 2012 State Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers has broken ranks with fellow Republicans Governor Nathan Deal and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in opposing the measure. Democratic State Senator Curt Thompson says what’s on the ballot is not perfect, but says the state in general, and metro Atlanta specifically, must do something now to


UGA Professor: ‘T-SPLOST Prospects Look Dim’

From his lips to God’s ear 🙂 Charles Bullock, Richard B. Russell Professor of Political Science at the University of Georgia, sees small chance of the initiative passing.  Georgia Republicans’ aversion to any kind of tax and concern about riling the Tea Party, are helping to consolidate opposition to the state’s one-percent sales tax referendum


Audit: Georgia DOT sitting on $1billion

GDOT has over $1.2B on hand and uncommitted last summer.  That’s a 31% increase in a single year. Audit: Georgia DOT sitting on $1billion.


Mayor David Pennington on T-SPLOST: Leadership or Coercion

Friends, The test of true leadership is the trust and respect it inspires. The Regional Transportation Referendum, T-SPLOST, to be decided on July 31st does not past this test. Those we elected to lead lacked the courage to devise a fair and cost effective funding mechanism for state transportation projects. Rather, like a salesman who


Representative Sean Jerguson speaks against TIA / T-SPLOST

Representative Sean Jerguson says the projects list is not well thought out for Metro region with some projects being suspect and possibly illegal. In his own words…


How Will Operations & Maintenance be Paid for in the Long Term?

ARC representative, Cain Williamson, does not have an answer for that.  Hear him state the fact in this video.  

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