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Video: Rep. Jason Spencer House District 180

“T-SPLOST will increase the retail sales tax by 1% on most purchases – including groceries – bringing the overall sales tax rate in some Georgia counties to 8%.


The Real Issue is Travel Times

Wendell Cox, public policy expert, former member of the Los Angeles County Transportation Commission who has also worked on transportation projects in the Atlanta area, says transit won’t solve Atlanta’s traffic problems. “Transit accounts for barely 1 percent of metropolitan travel. Yet the roundtable plan would commit more than 30 times that on transit. Nearly


$6.14 billion plan’s fatal flaws

Representative Ed Setzler – who voted in favor of TIA (HB277) in 2010 – AJC, January 23, 2012 “Passed by the Legislature to relieve traffic congestion in metro Atlanta, the heavily Atlanta Regional Commission-influenced project list allocates more than 50 percent of the region’s $6.14 billion to fund transit projects that by objective accounts will


“Why Your Highway Has Potholes”

From Wall Street Journal, April 16, 2012 “Since 1982 government mass-transit subsidies have totaled $750 billion (in today’s dollars), yet the share of travelers using transit has fallen by nearly one-third, according to Heritage Foundation transportation expert Wendell Cox. Federal data indicate that in 2010 in most major cities more people walked to work or

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