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Some projects might not be feasible even if voters approved a regional sales [tax] this July

From AJC, April 3, 2012 “MARTA Service Cuts Loom” “MARTA’s Gen Manager Beverly Scott] and other officials said the current financial projection left open the possibility that some projects might not be feasible even if voters approved a regional sales [tax] this July that has $600 million for MARTA for maintenance and upgrades for the


MARTA chief warns of $2.3 billion in unfunded maintenance needs

From AJC, September 26, 2011 “We do not have an answer of how it’s going to be funded,” Scott said, adding that if the regional transportation plan is rejected, the agency’s maintenance costs would spike to $2.9 billion, as the proposed plan includes $600 million specifically for taking care of an aging MARTA system. Read


T-SPLOST Related Transit Study Seems Aimed at Avoiding Inconvenient Results

If the T-SPLOST is approved, and after the projects are built, will you have a shorter commute time?  The ARC recently admitted that the answer is NO. Instead, the ARC says that “alleviating traffic congestion” is defined as increasing the number of people who can hypothetically reach a given point within 45 minutes. Paying $6.14


Ed Crowell, President & CEO, Georgia Motor Trucking Association, Inc., September 30, 2011

Speaking at the Georgia Public Policy Foundation Legislative Policy Briefing on Sept. 30, 2011, Ed Crowell of the Georgia Motor Trucking Association was asked his opinion of the T-SPLOST projects list.  His response: “Looking at the most recent project list, we don’t find anything that will reduce congestion.”   Georgia Motor Trucking Association is a


Debunking the Myths: Part 2 – Emissions

Debunking the Myths:  Part 2 – Emissions   The myth:  Building rail transit will reduce emissions. This is the thought that drives environmentalists everywhere.  Their lobby has become so powerful that rail transit is virtually the only kind of transportation project that the Federal government will approve. The problem is that the thought is false.


Debunking the Myths: Part 1 – Congestion

Debunking the Myths:  Part 1 – Congestion   The myth:  building rail transit will take cars off the road and relieve congestion. This is the oft-quoted rationale for building rail transit.  It sounds good.  Anyone who is stuck in the logjam of GA400, I-75 or I-85 hears this myth with great anticipation.  Getting everyone else

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