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Lights for Liberty Drive

When: Back to Calendar July 21, 2012 @ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Where: Interstate 285
Cost: Free
Contact: Patti Pratt

Heads up about a demonstration for every driver.  It’s called  “Lights for Liberty Drive” but is unaffiliated with Transportation Leadership Coalition or TrafficTruth.net.

Driver will converge onto the outer loop of I-285 at 10am on Saturday, July 21st and go counter clockwise for 2 loops or about 2 hours.  The group will drive the speed limit in the center lane with our flashers on. 

Organizers encourage all drivers not to impede traffic.  The group is hoping to have hundreds of cars on the loop at the same time, coming in from all directions at the same time displaying signage to decorate your car in protest to the NEW TAX and send a message that we do not support it!

Organizers request you keep this protest to T-SPLOST only.

Please direct all questions to Yellowstone95@gmail.com or call 770-401-8157

3 Responses

  1. youngfarm18

    @jmmoor2 Please join us at Marietta Square or at Panera’s on Chastain Road each Tuesday morning @ 9:30. Transportation Leadership Coalition members will block out a special time for you to speak to us concerning the use of spell check and encourage you to present your English grammar instructions.
    Additionally, we will present you with the specific sections of the Georgia TIA legislation that are now being violated by ARC. Also, we will welcome Brian Kemp and ask him to explain the legality of his editing of the official ballot to promote the passage of the referendum.

    • jmmoor2

      I would love to do that. Unfortunately there is no public transportation that can get me out to your little town meeting. I wonder why that’s the case. I’m sure it would be such a lovely and quaint way to waste my time. I hope you enjoy your little meeting with other angry people who have never even read the referendum. If I am ever able to attend one of these meetings maybe I will read the referendum for you since your lack of spell check and understanding of the English language indicates this may be a barrier for you.

  2. jmmoor2

    If you believe you’re so educated about transportation issues in Georgia, and you actually care about this event, you should probably use spell check. I also suggest a course in English grammar. Although, by the looks of the rest of this site, you probably don’t use a fact checker either.

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