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T-SPLOST fail: Man life boats, abandon ship

T-SPLOST fail: Man life boats, abandon ship

By Bob Ross

The government’s own projections show that your $8.5 billion won’t change your commute all that much, that $2.8 billion of transit projects will only be partially funded, and no one can explain where massive transit subsidies will come from when the 10-year tax ends.

No problem. Leinberger presented an entirely new justification for your tax dollars: economic development (you should know that Chris, along with Atlanta Regional Commission Chairman Tad Leithead, and a number of other high profile proponents are developers, Realtors, and builders, many of whom stand to profit on your dime).

Forget the knotted traffic ball logo; picture dollars in some new “economic development” theme with implied long-term, high paying jobs for all.

Leinberger went so far as to tell a Thursday audience, “You don’t build [rail] to move people. That is not your goal. That may sound counterintuitive, but that’s not why you build transportation systems, and again, particularly rail transit. For 6,000 years we’ve been doing this. You build transportation systems for economic development.”

There it is — a regional stimulus program (how are those other government stimulus programs working for you?).

Leinberger obviously omitted a key observation at Tuesday night’s forum….

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